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The last column, “Expected result”, shows how a 3-page print job would appear. Get ahead of the pack with th This page requires Javascript. The available postscript memory is a subset of the device total physical memory. The advanced SP CDN has a sophisticated feature set providing best-in-class total cost of ownership for an A4 mid-range colour printer. If the printed output is not correct, disable this feature.

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A warning appears asking whether you are sure you want to delete the selected item. When you click the Customthe text field below the option becomes wdgeline. Print-mode adjustments for the second side of a duplexed page are automatic. By continuing to use our site you consent to use our cookies.

This driver setting is useful for software programs that do not provide a copy count. Use the Advanced tab to change the layout of printed pages and to ane special controls that are not commonly used. The new print heads deliver pigment-based ink and a bonding agent across the full width of an A4 page in one go, allowing the printers to run faster than inkjet printers that must scan back and forth across the paper.

Super-fast printing Known as EdgeLine, the new system can print a massive 60 pages per minute in mono and edegline pages per minute in color–it’s the Ferrari Enzo of printing.

The available output bin options depends on edgekine accessory output bin or optional finisher installed on the device. This group of settings is known as a print mode.


However, sending a multiple-copy print job when the mopier is disabled eliminates the advantage of transmitting the print job once, because the job is sent through the network for each copy. Maximum Font Size to Download as Bitmap This control specifies the maximum font size in pixels for which the driver will download TrueType fonts as bitmap Type 3 fonts.

HP EdgeLine CM Super-fast printing – CNET

Ensure information accuracy with Scan and Fax preview, and do more with scanned documents with built-in optical character recognition OCR. Personal Job To use the Personal Job option, the job-storage feature must be enabled. Send Ctrl-D Before Each Job This control specifies whether the device is reset at the beginning of every postscript document. Print-driver user interface Control the drivers directly from the Printers folder through the two sets of driver tabs: Select the appropriate tray in the Form to Tray Assignment list.

The field temporarily accepts fewer than four digits in the string, but when the edit field loses focus, zeroes pad the left end until the PIN contains exactly four digits. Disabling Mopier Mode disrupts functionality for the Output and Finishing tab features.

In the case of traditional ink jet printers, the tiny matchbox size print head moves back and forth. Send TrueType as Bitmap provides an alternative for software programs that have trouble using TrueType fonts for special graphic aspects edbeline as shading, rotation, or slanting.

Pressing Ctrl-D resets the device to its default setting to ensure that previous print jobs do not affect the current print job. Selecting an advanced printing feature in the print driver that has been disabled on the Advanced tab automatically makes the feature available.


HP aims to speed business printing with Edgeline

The following settings are available:. When you use this special cursor to select a control, the pop-up Help window for that feature appears.

A pop-up Help window appears. Edggeline printing Computer hardware stubs.

HP LaserJet and Edgeline Print Driver Onl… – Apple Community

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Font sizes from 1 to points are available from the Size menu. To achieve this it uses two carriages with three print ecgeline each, each print head containing 10, nozzles. The Output tab contains the following controls:. The first three columns show the settings. The printers offer the speed of laser printing with the color quality and reliability of ink. Color Quality group box. Paper size Change the width and height values by typing numeric strings into the edit boxes in the Paper Size group box.

HP managed MFPs and printers are optimized for managed environments.

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